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Thermoregulation Microcapsule
Thermoregulation Microcapsule

Thermoregulation Microcapsule

Thermoregulation Microcapsule

update time:2019-04-17



MicroDelivery thermoregulation microcapsule (ie, phase change microcapsules) is a kind of temperature microcapsule that encapsulates specific liquid-solid phase temperature of the material by MicroDelivery embedding technology. Thermoregulation microcapsule coated or placed in the materials can give them the function of temperature regulation or thermal energy storage. When the temperature changes, core material in MicroDelivery thermoregulation microcapsule phase changes, absorption or release heat to achieve temperature control energy storage. After microcapsule coating to prevent the phase change material exposed to the external environment, to solve the solid-liquid changes caused by changes in volume. Thermoregulation microcapsule can be applied to phase change materials modified fiber, fabric and textiles, building materials and solar panels and so on.

Main performance of MicroDelivery thermoregulation microcapsule products:

  • Microcapsule products contain more than 80% phase change material, and have a good mechanical strength;

  • Microcapsule products have excellent thermal stability, more than 200  heat resistance;

  • Microcapsule products with high thermal enthalpy, more than 180 kJ / kg;


    Application of MicroDelivery thermoregulation microcapsule products:

  • Heat-regulating textiles: heat-regulating (phase change) intelligent textiles are currently the latest technology features one of the textile and apparel. When the body is exposed variation, MicroDelivery thermoregulation microcapsule can be maintained textile microclimate inside the human body and clothing substantially constant within a certain time, to meet the needs of human comfort in extreme environments. Only in the textile padding solution by adding cross-linking agent and MicroDelivery thermoregulation microcapsules dilution, through the fabric finishing process can be obtained with thermal insulation function of the fabric. It can be made outdoor clothing, underwear, sweaters, hat, gloves and bedding.

  • Construction material: civil construction materials are sand, cement, stones which is functional improvements for the use of mixed materials, gypsum and plaster etc. Due to the trend of energy saving and emission reduction, a great deal of effort has been made in the study of materials and construction methods in the civil building materials section. While the heat-related materials are very effective and creative techniques. MicroDelivery thermoregulation microcapsules solid powder mixed with dry mortar or concrete can be made of fresh wood building materials or paint.

  • Solar energy storage device: the general solar collector is the water tank with low thermal storage capacity and high heat dissipation. While phase change material is used as heat storage, but the deficiency is too much thermal conversion and low utilization of solar energy. MicroDelivery thermoregulation microcapsules can improve lack of energy storage and low heat transfer efficiency of solar water heaters.


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  • ADDRESS:No. 1188, 1st Xihu Road, Conomic Development Zone, Tongling, Anhui