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Meikedi microcapsule will attend NYSCC2018 exhibition in New York

VIEWS:  发布时间:2018-05-10

    Anhui meikedi will participate in NYSCC2018, Suplliers'Day (May 15-16, 2018) at the JAVITS CONVENTION CENTER in New York, USA, booth number: 1761

    Microencapsulation technology is a method in which droplets are coated with a continuous film generated by macromolecular compounds to form small particles with core-shell structure. The spherical particles, which are microns/nanometers in diameter and contain a core material, are called microcapsules and are only about one-tenth to one-thousandth of the diameter of a human hair. Microcapsule can change within the core material state of morphology, density, size, and surface properties, environmental impact, protect the inner core material from isolated the active ingredient to reduce volatile and contact toxicity, the slow controlled release, can be applied to the fields and doing well, for example, flavoring, cleaning products, beauty makeup sunscreen, food industry, phase change materials (also called thermal control material), pesticide medicine, printing ink, paint, and many other areas.

    The microencapsulation technology is a method generating a layer of continuous thin polymer film coated on liquid droplets, which forms small particles in core-shell structures. The diameter of the micrometer/nano-scale spherical particles with internal core materials is only about one-tenth to one-thousandth of that of a hair, which are known as microcapsules. The microcapsules can change the form, density, volume, state and surface properties of internal core materials, and can protect internal core materials from environmental influences. In addition, they can reduce the volatility and contact toxicity by isolating the active ingredients, so as to control the sustainable release. Therefore, the microcapsules can be applied to many fields such as fragrance and flavor, cleaning products, beauty and sunscreen products, food industry, phase-change materials (also known as thermal regulation materials), pesticides and medicine, as well as painting ink and coating products.

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  • PHONE:18521727774 (Dr.Li) 15256600930(sales manager)
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  • ADDRESS:No. 1188, 1st Xihu Road, Conomic Development Zone, Tongling, Anhui