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Application and application of microencapsulated essence

VIEWS:  发布时间:2019-04-04

    Balmy agent has the advantage that improves environmental breath already, make a person the mood is easy, have the medical treatment health care function on a variety of psychology, physiology such as antiseptic, refresh again, from ancient times up to now all the time gets people love. And through the special processing of aromatic products can enjoy the user such as spring breeze, relaxed and happy, help to enhance product competitiveness. After years of research and development, the r&d department of our company has wrapped the essence, plant essential oil and other raw materials with special materials through modern scientific and technological means to form a microcapsule emulsion. After the product is treated with aromatic agent, it can greatly prolong the fragrance time.

    "Nanocapsule aromatic agent" is a kind of nanocapsule product with special materials and scientific methods by means of modern scientific and technological means. This technology adopts the principle of slow release, and USES V90 series nanocapsule aromatic agent, which can keep the fragrance for more than 12 months by adding to textiles or paper products after finishing. The product can also be used for floor cleaning in hotels and entertainment places to add fragrance, can replace the fragrance machine products and fragrance system, reduce operating costs. And plastic and rubber, leather leather goods, chemical paint, paint ink and other industries.


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  • PHONE:18521727774 (Dr.Li) 15256600930(sales manager)
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  • ADDRESS:No. 1188, 1st Xihu Road, Conomic Development Zone, Tongling, Anhui