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Microcapsule application technology update time2019-04-04

One of the microcapsule application scenarios: isolation reactivityIn production practice, there is a need to integrate reactive, originally incompatible substances into a product system. For example, in the fertilizer industry, silicon is a kind of impor

Application and application of microencapsulated essence update time2019-04-04

Balmy agent has the advantage that improves environmental breath already, make a person the mood is easy, have the medical treatment health care function on a variety of psychology, physiology such as antiseptic, refresh again, from ancient times up to no

Mei kedi participates in the Anhui province celebration of 40th anniversary of reform and opening up update time2018-12-20

An exhibition celebrating the achievements of scientific and technological innovation on the 40th anniversary of Chinas reform and opening up was held in binhu international convention and exhibition center in hefei, east Chinas anhui province, dec 18, 20

Meikedi microcapsule will attend NYSCC2018 exhibition in New York update time2018-05-10

Anhui meikedi will participate in NYSCC2018, SuplliersDay (May 15-16, 2018) at the JAVITS CONVENTION CENTER in New York, USA, booth number: 1761 Microencapsulation technology is a method in which droplets are coated with a continuous film generated by m

We have a video meeting with Iran on nanotechnology update time2017-12-15

On December 11, 2017, huiju intellectual property institute organized a video meeting between our company and the Iranian side as entrusted by the Iranian side. Our company was attended by Dr. Li et al., and the Iranian side was attended by University of

First prize of "chuangxiang China" innovation and entrepreneurship competition update time2017-12-03

On November 28, solstice 29, 2017, the final and award ceremony of the 2017 anhui innovation and entrepreneurship competition "chuangxiang China" was successfully held in the no.1 studio hall of anhui TV Asia. This competition is sponsored by


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  • PHONE:18521727774 (Dr.Li) 15256600930(sales manager)
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  • ADDRESS:No. 1188, 1st Xihu Road, Conomic Development Zone, Tongling, Anhui